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Pokemon trainer doodle

This is basically Fairy Type against Dragon Type for Pokemon.


Los Perros by Fernando Botero, 1966

Oh my god
eversopatiently replied to your post: “I’m going to buy myself all of the how to train your dragon toys I’m…”:
should I remind you about McDonald’s My Little Pony toys?

we went to the McDonalds near Adrian’s house for a mini mcflurry and a mighty kids meal and asked what ponies they had, and the girl could barely sputter between laughs “we have, uh, I dunno, princess incestia, they have weird names”

and then we accidentally threw her away, so that about does it for McDonald ponies for me. I’ll buy the nice ones online one day, maybe.

edit: just to be clear we threw away the pony, not the girl taking our order


listening to someone you don’t like talk 


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I’m going to buy myself all of the how to train your dragon toys

I’m gonna go raid toys r us like no tomorrow

and I want to buy pokemon cards again SOMETHING FIERCE help meeee


My favorite pokemon are latinas and latinos image

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